Alastair McQuillan announced as the Rutland & Melton Green Party Candidate - GE 2017

We are very pleased to anounce that we have selected Alastair McQuillan as the The Green Party Candidate for Rutland & Melton in the 2017 General Election. Alastair's Statement is as Follows:

I pledge to make protecting local A&E services, stopping fracking in the Vale of Belvoir, and securing a second referendum on membership of the EU a priority for their campaign and, when elected as MP for Rutland and Melon.
I will be fighting to defend the NHS against Tory profiteering and continuing privatisation. The Green Party offer a real blueprint for revitalising our Health Service with Caroline Lucas’ NHS Reinstatement bill.
I also feel it is vital that we fight the extreme Brexit being pursued by Teresa May and Sir Alan Duncan making sure that our economy, environment and workers rights are not put in jeopardy or used as bargaining tools.
At the last general election, the greens were the only party that stood against savage tory cuts; who fought against the fracking of our landscape and opposed the renewal of the Trident nuclear weapons system. Many of our flagship policies from 2015 are now mainstream, proving once again that it is the Green Party that is setting the agenda on progressive politics.   
As some born here and who lives here I rely on the same shops, roads, schools and health services as the voters and will stand up to protect them.
We need an MP that will stand up for Rutland and Melton

Alastair McQuillan, 31, works at The Captain Noel Newton pub in Oakham. A graduate from Northumbria University he has previously worked in biological research in Latin America and Indonesia.
You can contact Alastair by email:

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