25 March 2015

Help us raise £500 to contest the General Election

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The Rutland and Melton Green Party has set out the ambitions target of raising £500 in just 14 days so that we can contest the general election on 7th May across the whole constituency. 

We have less than two months to an elections like none before - an election that will give us the opportunity to break through as a force in British politics. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to change British politics and thats why people are getting involved.  
To be able to compete with all parties and to have a chance at a real breakthrough we need the financial resources to back our ambition and make a lasting difference.


That’s why I'm asking you to invest in our Crowdfunder appeal. 

Please give £10, £50 or £100, so we can have more Green voices at Westminster, speaking out and taking action on the issues we all care deeply about:

❏ Affordable energy

❏ Action on climate change

❏ Public services in public hands

❏ Investment in railways and public infrastructure

❏ Dealing with corruption at Westminster


This is the moment that you and I take a stand for a common sense approach to building a future that works for everyone.

When you make a donation, whatever the size, you’ll help the Green Party to guarantee we have the resources necessary to change politics in the UK for good. 


So let’s stand together this may.


Invest your support in our Crowdfunder campaign and together we can make a difference. 


Thank you for supporting a Green future


Alastair McQuillan

Rutland and Melton Green Party PPC

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