Cold homes are costing lives in Rutland and Melton

16 April 2015

Every winter 9000 people across the UK die early, why? Because their homes are too cold for them to live in.

It is shocking to think that in this the worlds 6th biggest economy, we are allowing our neighbours to freeze to death. Its more people than will die on our roads this year. 

The worst thing about it, these deaths are all preventable. 

In Rutland and Melton, 5250 (12.3%) households live in fuel poverty. 

We believe that everyone – whether rich or poor – has the right to a decent home.

That is why we will:

  • Institute a nationwide programme of home insulation to retrofit 9 million homes by 2020.
  • Require all new homes to meet the ultra-energy efficiency Passivhaus standard
  • Cut VAT on housing renovation and repair from 20% to 5%.

Tom Chance, Green Party housing spokesperson, said: 

"This VAT cut would be a real boost for green jobs and warm homes. It comes at a time when we desperately need to be investing in a nationwide home insulation scheme, to cut bills and end the scandal of fuel poverty. This election presents Britain with a chance to vote for change. This VAT cut, just one of an array of bold policies from the Green Party, demonstrates our commitment to building a Britain of warm, comfortable homes.”

Alastair McQuillan, Rutland and Melton Green Party candidate, said:

“This is a policy of hope. It offers decent and affordable homes for families and the next generation. People would be warm and have enough to eat. It’s scandalous that the other parties can’t even offer those basic commitments.”

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