Rutland and Melton Green Party unveils its parliamentary candidate for the 2015 General Election

16 April 2015

Voters in Melton Borough will have the chance to vote Green in the General Election on May 7th. Rutland and Melton Green Party has selected Alastair McQuillan (29) of Thorpe Road, Melton to be its parliamentary candidate.


Alastair, who was born and bred in Melton, is a graduate in Geography and Environmental Management at Northumbria University and works at The Kettleby Cross pub in Wilton Road. He has also previously worked in biological research in Latin America and Indonesia.

Alastair said, “I am delighted toAlastair McQuillan Rutland and Melton PPC Green Party be representing the Green Party to give the people of Melton and Rutland the chance to vote for a party of principles and policies that work for the Common Good. 

“There has been a surge of interest in the Party over the last year and our membership is now over 50,000. A growing number of people are losing confidence in the failed policies of the other parties. The Greens are offering real and practical alternatives to austerity and yet more inequality.”

He continued, “Rutland and Melton is a fantastic place to live but it has problems. Its public transport is inadequate, leaving communities feeling isolated, and roads are at a standstill daily. Vital public services that support and protect the most vulnerable of our society are being cut. Rent is the highest in the region forcing young people and families to pay over the odds. Furthermore, rising house prices and stagnant wages are leaving many people struggling to make their income cover the cost of their rent and other bills.

“I believe in protecting our environment, in social justice, and a thriving economy based on independent business and local jobs. Public services should be run for people, not for the profits of private corporations. We need a free, publicly funded NHS and an end to creeping privatisation. We need a proper public transport service that takes railways and bus services back into public ownership. We have to scrap tuition fees, so everyone has access to a world-class education system without getting into crippling debt. People need a living wage, affordable homes and a real opportunity.”

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