Fracking in the Vale of Belvoir by Christmas

18 August 2015

Rutland and Melton Green Party are calling on Melton Borough Council to send a clear message on behalf of the people of Melton and the Vale to Hutton Energy and David Cameron that fracking and the polution that it brings is neither wanted or welcome in Melton and the Vale of Belvoir. 

The prospect of fracking in Melton and the Vale of Belvoir took one step closer today, as the Conservative's  granted a licence to Hutton Energy to explore 100km2 around Melton Mowbray for fracking. 

The latest edition of the DECC Public Attitudes Tracker, found only 21% of people support fracking in the UK.

This shows how out of step this tory government, with its unwavering support for fracking, is with the  attitudes of the British people. Alastair McQuillan from Melton and Rutland Green Party, said “this is yet another move in the wrong direction for UK energy policy, popular technologies like wind and solar are having their support axed, whilst the more unpopular than ever fracking industry is being forced on the British public against its will” 

“Rutland and Melton Green Party will take a lead role in any action to keep Melton and the Vale of Belvoir frack free. We are encouraging people to sign our online petition to give a firm no to fracking”

Show your opposition to fracking.


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