Green Party Slams MP for opportunism

14 September 2015

Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire -


Sir Alan Duncan, Conservative MP for Rutland and Melton last week came out in opposition to fracking in the Vale of Belvoir. [1]

Rutland and Melton Green Party welcome his opposition to fracking in the local area, however, it is of great concern that it is his government and his votes in parliament that are making it an ever increasing reality. In January, when given the opportunity, he voted to give fracking the green light across the UK. [2] 

Alastair McQuillan form Rutland and Melton Green Party said,“His opposition now, wreaks of opportunism, indeed Sir Alan Duncan opposing fracking in the Vale of Belvoir is akin to handing a match to a pyromaniac at a petrol station, then claiming it will all be alright, because he has a fire extinguisher to protect us.” 

“If fracking isn’t appropriate in the Vale of Belvoir, then it isn't appropriate anywhere in Britain’s crowded, precious landscape.”  

This is yet another move in the wrong direction for UK energy policy by this government. Fracking is a dangerous distraction from our need to focus on energy conservation and renewable energy generation. We need to be working out how to deal with the carbon bubble, not looking for more fossil duels to add to the problem. 

The Green Party understands that tackling climate change could help us to improve our world by investing in measures that make our society fairer, as well as greener.

What is becoming clear to people, is that moving towards a more sustainable society represents an exciting opportunity for businesses in the UK, with tens of thousands of jobs waiting to be created. It’s time for our government and MP to sit up and listen.  


A public meeting about Fracking in The Vale of Belvoir, is taking place at the Samworth Centre Melton on Saturday 17th October starting at 11am. All are welcome to attend. [3]   



Notes to Editors

1. Melton Times 11/09/15.



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