Tory values laid bare as Rutland and Melton MP sneers at low-achievers

12 April 2016

In a letter to the local press on Tuesday 12th April, green party coordinator for Rutland and Melton Alastair McQuillan called for Sir Alan Duncan to reveal his own tax returns in light of his comments on Monday in the House of Commons. 



Dear Sir,

Sir Allan Duncan rose in Parliament on Monday in response to the Prime Ministers tax affairs.

When he referred to "...people who know nothing of the outside world...", I had the impression that he was inadvertently referring to people like himself, rich wealthy plutocrats and Tory politicians, who appear to have no inkling of the misery and hardship they are inflicting on the vulnerable, the disabled, the disenfranchised, the food bank recipients, people on below living wages and zero hour contracts, who appear to remain "outside the world" of privilege, favoured tax status, and above the law enjoyed by the high-achievers such as himself.  

It’s all a bit rich coming from one of the men responsible for creating a society producing the lowest social mobility in the modern age. What ever will he say next, perhaps ‘let them eat cake’. 

As such the Rutland and Melton Green Party calls on Sir Allan to publish his own tax affairs, so that his constituents can understand what it takes to be come such a self proclaimed ‘high-achiever’. 

Further we call for a full public apology from Sir Allan, particularly the insertion that only the well off are capable of looking after their families. 

Yours sincerely 

Alastair McQuillan

Co-ordinator Rutland and Melton Green party

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